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地址: Building 3, No. 68, Qixia Avenue, Qixia District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Group Overview

南京中科煜宸激光技术有限公司   Nanjing Zhongke Yuchen Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Nanjing Zhongke Yuchen Laser Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2013 with a registered capital of 30.33 million, is a high-tech enterprise successfully incubated by Shanghai Institute of Optics and precision machinery, Chinese Academy of Sciences, founded by Dr. Xing Fei and his team, a "national major talent project".

                       Zhongke Yuchen specializes in the R & D and manufacturing of laser additive manufacturing equipment (3D printing, laser surface technology), intelligent laser welding equipment, automatic production line, core devices (process software, powder feeder, processing head) and metal powder materials.

                       At present, Zhongke Yuchen is a high-tech enterprise, vice chairman unit of China additive manufacturing industry alliance, standard drafting participating unit of additive manufacturing standard committee, laser remanufacturing industrialization project of national development and Reform Commission, laser additive manufacturing industrialization project of Ministry of industry and information technology, major special undertaking unit of synchronous powder feeding additive manufacturing of Ministry of science and technology, and metal 3D Printing Engineering Technology Department of Jiangsu Science and technology department Technology center, Jiangsu provincial enterprise technology center, Nanjing Metal 3D printing technology center, Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission laser intelligent manufacturing collaborative innovation center. The company's high-power laser additive manufacturing equipment is a key new product in Nanjing, and Jung Technology Innovation Award won the product.

                       The company has made breakthrough progress in large and medium-sized metal laser additive manufacturing equipment. Large powder feeding metal 3D printing equipment adopts core components with independent intellectual property rights (such as processing head, powder feeder, process software, etc.), and its achievements have been widely used in automobile, ship, mold and other industries, providing hundreds of sets of intelligent metal laser for end users in the above fields For additive manufacturing equipment, Zhongke Yuchen has become a domestic supplier of series metal laser additive manufacturing equipment. Through continuous technological innovation and industrial integration, Zhongke Yuchen closely focuses on the additive manufacturing industry chain and innovation chain, and vows to be a high-quality brand in the field of additive manufacturing in China.

                       Zhongke Yuchen has developed and provided several sets of remote laser welding system, laser MIG (MAG) hybrid welding system, laser TIG hybrid welding system, narrow gap laser wire filling welding system, laser brazing system, etc. At the same time, the company has carried out in-depth research on the intelligent detection technology and closed-loop welding quality control technology in the laser welding process, and the relevant achievements have won the first prize of 2016 China machinery industry science and technology progress award, and realized the industrial application. The company has made great breakthroughs in laser welding of high-temperature alloys, especially aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and copper alloy. In the field of new energy vehicles, Zhongke Yuchen has successfully overcome the problems of laser welding of all aluminum body and parts, laser welding of motor copper alloy rotor and so on. Thanks to the comprehensive strategic cooperation with Zhongwang aluminum group and KUKA Industrial Company, Zhongke Yuchen can provide service for customers It is a comprehensive system solution for new energy vehicles from innovative material design, manufacturing process to integrated manufacturing equipment. In the field of shipbuilding, Zhongke Yuchen has developed the key component welding process method with independent intellectual property rights, which has successfully solved the technical problems of thick plate laser hybrid welding; in the field of locomotive manufacturing, Zhongke Yuchen has realized the breakthrough of key parts welding problems in China's high-end manufacturing field, and provided high-end laser welding equipment solutions for the majority of industry customers.

 Based on independent innovation, the company is committed to building a complete laser industry chain, and has gradually built R & D centers, application demonstration centers, marketing centers and processing and manufacturing service bases in Northeast, East, central and southwest China.