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M2020-ldrc 3D printing equipment

The economical Metal 3D printer is mainly aimed at colleges, universities and scientific research institutions. It is used to carry out the teaching of metal 3D printing operation, programming, new material development and other courses, and popularize the knowledge of metal 3D printing.It can carry



■ Features


The economical metal 3D printer is mainly aimed at universities and colleges and scientific research units, and is used to carry out courses such as metal 3D printing operation, programming, and new material development, and popularize the knowledge of metal 3D printing.

A variety of processing techniques such as laser cladding and laser printing can be performed to achieve multiple uses in one machine;

Lasers and processing heads are optional to meet individual needs.

The host has a tray and rollers, which can be used in laboratories and teaching buildings, saving site space.

■ Technical advantages


Part performance: The density of printed parts is very high, and the mechanical properties are better than casting parts.

Time cycle: It has certain advantages in small batches and customization, which can reduce the time cost by more than 60%.

Environmentally friendly recycling: It can print on worn parts, repair the worn parts, and make the used parts reused.

Innovative design: Design ideas are not bound by traditional processing and manufacturing levels, and can easily achieve personalized design and manufacturing.

Reliability: Processed in an inert gas environment, the active metal will not be oxidized, and it is safe and reliable.