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Rc-ldm4030 powder feeding metal 3D printing equipment

Mainly for universities and scientific research institutions, it is used to carry out metal 3D printing operation, programming, new material development and other courses teaching, and popularize Metal 3D printing knowledge. It can carry out laser cladding, laser printing and other processing




■ Features


It is mainly aimed at universities and research institutes, and is used to carry out courses such as metal 3D printing operation, programming, and new material development, and popularize the knowledge of metal 3D printing. It can carry out various processing technologies such as laser cladding and laser printing, and realize multi-purpose use of one machine; the main machine and auxiliary machines such as laser, circulating purification system, powder feeder, electrical cabinet are integrated and assembled, the whole machine is hoisted, and the main machine is equipped with trays and rollers , save site space, easy to use in laboratories, teaching buildings.

Water-cooled annular precision powder feeding processing head, the diameter of the powder spot is 0.8mm, the continuous work is 240h without failure, and the minimum wall thickness is 1mm;

It can be equipped with a small-flow powder feeder to achieve high-precision printing or a multi-channel powder feeder to achieve high-throughput preparation of new materials;

Process data packages for common materials such as titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys, and steel can be easily called;

Data acquisition software and integrated control interface are easy to learn and use, easy to use;

Online monitoring of oxygen and water content, one-key control;

Equipped with universal wheels, the equipment can be easily moved; the equipment is light in weight and can be installed on high floors.


■ working principle


■ Overall advantage


■ technical parameter