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Rc-waam1500 arc 3D printing equipment

Overall advantagesHigh utilization rate of silk and high deposition efficiency;There is no need for mold, the overall manufacturing cycle is short and the cost is low;Large molding size and high density;In situ composite manufacturing and repair capability;The microstructure and mechanical propertie




■ Features 

▶ Compared with forging, WAAM technology has high utilization rate of wire, which greatly saves the cost of raw materials for users, especially precious metal materials;

▶ Compared with LMD forming, WAAM technology has high arc forming deposition efficiency and low equipment hardware cost;

▶ Compared with forging, WAAM technology has better microstructure and mechanical properties of materials;

▶ MIG, TIG, CMT and PA (plasma) can be selected as a single welding machine or a combination of multiple welding machines as a heat source;

▶ Compared with LMD forming, the energy source of WAAM technology can be applied to materials with high reflectivity, such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc.;

▶ Capable of composite manufacturing and repairing of multi-filament gradient materials;

■ working principle


Wire Arc Additive Manufacture (WAAM) is a method of using the principle of layer-by-layer surfacing, and adopts Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding based on MIG/MAG. , Tungsten Inert Gas Shielded Welding (TIG) and Plasma Welding Power Source (PA) and other welding machines generate arcs as heat sources. Through the continuous addition of wires, under the control of the program, according to the three-dimensional digital model, the line-surface-body is formed. Advanced digital manufacturing technology that gradually shapes metal parts.




■ 技术参数