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2017 year Zhejiang Moganshan, Nanxun ancient town collective travel




Zhejiang Deqing because of the ancients "people if morality, such as water to clear" reputation named. In the western part of the county, Moganshan, one of the four largest summer resorts in China,

To bamboo, cloud, spring "three wins" and clear, cool, King, static "four excellent" to attract the collective we travel.

Spring and Autumn and the end of the year, the king of the village to send cadres, Moxie cast into the world's unparalleled male and female sword, Moganshan hence the name.

Descendants sword, dry Moye; life as a note, God front invincible.




After more than 5 hours drive up the winding mountain road, we finally reached Moganshan. Misty misty rain in the more beautiful landscapes Jiangnan.

Drop Cui Tan Wuling Village in the mouth, clear water, planting water lilies. Next to the Cui Ting, simple and elegant. "Cui" word majestic, elegant charm.




Jianchi is said to be the place where the Moyegan will grind the sword and hide it in the glen of Yushan. Mill to the stone mountain, quench the pool of water, the sharp times often.

Feel the Moganshan green water, we drove to the southernmost natural wetlands - Xiazhu Lake. Xiazhu lake lake or open, such as Yang, Shuisanyizuyi; or narrow as Hong Kong, Zhuo twists and turns.

There are pieces of reeds and the country's rare bird - Zhu Li.




The next day, we went to Nanxun Ancient Town to experience the tranquility and relaxation of the "small bridges" of Jiangnan Water Town. A curved river on both sides of the corridor is full of houses, Fenqiangdaiwa.

Breezy, gurgling water, walking in the ancient slender stone road, feel the infinite simplicity of the 100 floor and the United States and the United States, people indulge them.







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