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地址: Building 3, No. 68, Qixia Avenue, Qixia District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province


[Business Philosophy] let technology interpret quality and make value exceed expectations

Technology Innovation - maintain product leadership.

Service Innovation - develop new customers’ value.

Market Innovation - continue to develop new clients.

Project Innovation - seize new opportunities to expand new markets.

Cultural Innovation - constantly train excellent personnel and expand the social influence.

Raycham laser is designed to providing you with a complete laser system solution, to enhancing the corporate brand through product innovation, to continuously bringing forth the new through the old, to generating new thoughts and new ideas, making enterprises full of vitality and playing a greater role for the benefit of the community.

Raycham is committed to increasing value for shareholders, creating career opportunities and financial rewards for employees, giving enterprises’ full play to take the lead and the central role in the social structure and improving the life quality of local, national and even global people in an innovative way.



Contribute to the technological upgrading of industrial enterprises for China;

Contribute to the comprehensive promotion of China's national defense capabilities;

Contribute to the gradual improvement of the quality of the people's livelihood for China.

Relying on the strong research R&D system, Raycham independently develops laser display and complete laser device with internationally leading level. The company improves traditional manufacturing by high-tech and highly intelligent automation equipment, customizes the complete laser manufacturing solution for the company, changes the original manufacturing model business model and enhances the core competitiveness of the company.

As a high-tech enterprise that shoulders the national responsibility, Rancham always regards enhancing the quality of human life as the highest goal and makes contributions to improving the quality of people's livelihood through continuous technical accumulation and project research and development. Currently, its technology has been extended to aerospace, metallurgy, petrochemical, marine, medical, communications and other various fields.

In addition, Raycham is also committed to using laser technology to provide a solid guarantee for the modernization construction. The company reforms the original operational processes by digitalized and intellectualized device to improve the automation level and combat capability of the army, making its contribution to national security.



Development Goals: a world-class laser industrial group.

Products Target: represent national innovation ability and possess international competitiveness.

Raycham does not only want to rank in the forefront in the domestic market, but also has a global strategic vision. Through the technology and product output in the global market, it will maximize the economies of scale, enhance its international competitiveness, becoming a world's leading international high-tech industrial group.


"Technology carries quality,value exceeds expectation."Since the first day when the company was founded, we have applied it into the entire process from research and development, production and operation. This philosophy has led us to create the most extraordinary industrial miracle in the most mundane places and we will use the same philosophy to help you achieve your ideal.The pursuit of excellence is our relentless pursuit, and also our commitment and responsibility. Becoming the pioneer and leader of laser industry is the faith of our perseverance and our program of action. It is the relentless pursuit of success that makes us full of passion and vitality to make the strongest voice of the time of Raycham.


【Company Spirit】Working hard Can only get things finished; Working with heart can get things completed.

"Solve the difficult things from the easiest parts; do great things from the subtle parts”. Details determine success or failure.

Work carefully, which means staff should complete their own work in accordance with company’s process; work by heart, which means staff not only need to complete the work, but also to do the job with mental abilities, to think with the head, to lead it with thoughts, to arm it with concepts and to implement it with action.

Working by heart is responsibility, mentality, driving force and even a realm, a spirit of excellence and a character of persistent pursuit.


【Corporate Values】undertake, execute, learn, respect.

"Undertake" is the cornerstone of Raycham Group. Because of the values of “undertake”, we are responsible for our customers and shareholders; because of the values of “undertake”, we are honest, trustworthy and can exceed customers’ expectations; because of the values of “undertake”, we cooperate to advance bravely.

"Execute" is a results-oriented working attitude. It can make us take the initiative and constantly challenge higher goals and do our utmost to create all conditions to achieve the goals.

The essence of "Learn" is to constantly deny ourselves, surpass ourselves, be pioneering and innovative and go forward towards a higher goal. Learning “surpass” is the cornerstone of the company's philosophy. Joining us means that you should constantly learn new things and challenge yourselves.

"Respect" is the cornerstone of Raycham’s teamwork. This value can reflect our work principles and cooperative attitudes and it is also a concentrated expression of Rancham’s social prestige. “Respect” means that we will combine the benefits of our company, our customers and the whole society together to achieve win-win and multi-win situations.


【Competition Concept 】competition is the system and cooperation is the nature.

Open, fair and just competition is the catalyst of Raycham’s constant innovation. The company can constantly develop and grow in such competition. Meanwhile, such competition makes the company full of vigor and vitality all the time.

Raycham adheres to expanding space through cooperation, promoting business ideas of development through cooperation to enhance the extensive exchanges and cooperation in the industry, complementary advantages, resource sharing, dedicated to industrial upgrading.

Market Concept

【Market Concept】create market demand.

Raycham is not only satisfied to meet the market demand, but better at using new technologies and new products to explore the potential market demand. It dares to be pioneers, constantly pursues innovation, creates greater market value and achieves greater social benefits.

Service Concept

【Service Concept】Profession, close at hand;Satisfaction, endless.

Solve customer problems and customize service

Improve customer management

Provide customized service

Be responsible for achieving results

100% satisfaction of customers is the service infrastructure for Raycham Laser’s continuous development and success. As a modern service-oriented company, we not only hold the business philosophy of doing everything for customers, but also put more emphasis on service concept of treating every person as customer inside the company. In terms of the demand of external customers and collaboration sector inside the company, the company will take a good attitude to correctly understand and finish all work high efficiently with high quality, achieving the satisfaction of external customers, internal collaboration departments and staff in the collaboration departments.