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  • Professional laser additive manufacturing equipment

    Raycham specializes in the R & D and manufacturing of laser additive manufacturing equipment (3D printer, surface technology), intelligent laser welding equipment, automatic production line, core devices and metal powder materials

  • China's high tech Enterprises

    Nanjing Raycham Laser Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2013 and located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is a high-tech enterprise successfully incubated by Shanghai Institute of Optics and precision machinery, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Many honorary and innovative titles

    Raycham is the vice president unit of China additive manufacturing industry alliance, the standard drafting unit of national additive manufacturing standard committee, the laser remanufacturing industrialization project of national development and Reform Commission, the laser additive manufacturing industrialization project of Ministry of industry and information technology, and the major special undertaking unit of synchronous powder feeding additive manufacturing of Ministry of science and technology. It is also the metal 3D printing engineering technology center of Jiangsu Provincial Science and technology department and the enterprise of Jiangsu Province Industrial Technology Center. Relying on the advanced technology and high-performance laser manufacturing company in Nanjing, the company won the first place. The company has more than 150 intellectual property rights related to intelligent laser manufacturing technology, 10 software copyrights, and has passed iso9001-2016, quality trustworthy enterprise, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other management system certification

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The research group of
The research group of "new economy" of the general office of the state council visited nanjing zhongke yuchen

The research group of the general office of the state council visited enterprises in nanjing on 21st solstice 22nd to carry out "new economy" research, and investigated nanjing zhongke yuchen laser technology co., LTD on the afternoon of 22nd. Accompanied by provincial government office, municipal government leaders and leaders of nanjing development zone, xing fei, chairman of nanjing zhongke yuchen laser technology co., LTD., personally received the visit. The research group first visited nanjing zhongke yuchen achievement exhibition hall, group honor wall, innovation center, yuchen 3D printing realization center, yuchen 3D maker space, intelligent factory and workshop, etc., and made a detailed understanding of our company's architecture system, r&d strength, equipment system, business status, development prospect, etc. After the visit, the research group and the nanjing zhongke yuchen leaders had a short time of talks. Xing fei, chairman of the board, briefed the research group on the company's current development status, research results, highlights and experience in the process of innovation and development, as well as the difficulties, opinions and Suggestions. Total xing, nanjing zhongke Yu Chen laser technology co., LTD., relying on the advanced laser technology research institute to provide platform for the r&d incubation, just three years, including metal material manufacture has been formed, robotic automation equipment, intelligent laser manufacturing, cutting, welding equipment and automatic production line products such as layout, formed the core of a series of intelligent manufacturing technology, and has many patents and successful cases. The leader of the research group highly recognized the research results of our company in 3d printing equipment and technology, deeply discussed the development mode and institutional reform strategy of innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises with the leader of our company, and actively encouraged our company to share innovative and entrepreneurial experience with all sectors of society to promote the steady development of domestic innovative enterprises.    

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