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Application of laser - arc composite welding technology in butt welding of thick plate

作者:imuban 发布时间:2021-01-01点击:474

The principle of laser-arc composite welding is that laser and arc are used as welding heat source together and act on the same workpiece at the same time. Arc can heat the welded metal surface, not only can make the workpiece internal porosity overflow but also can make the workpiece to reach its melting point and make it melt, thus reducing the reflectivity of the metal surface to the laser. When the laser irradiates on the surface of the metal being welded, a layer of plasma gas cloud will be generated above the metal being welded, and the laser will be absorbed by the welding material. So, this kind of welding method can not only improve the utilization rate of the laser, but also get larger penetration, welding process of melting drop transition is also more stable, so the laser - not only with traditional composite welding arc welding method of welding advantages, also has the laser welding welding advantages, overcomes the defect of other welding methods at the same time.

Due to the economic and technical advantages of laser-arc composite welding, this welding method is more widely used in industrial and other fields, especially in the shipbuilding and automobile industries. Since most steels used in the hull are thick plates, laser-arc composite welding can be used to realize single-pass forming. Compared with other arc welding methods, laser-arc composite welding has higher efficiency and shorter production cycle. In addition, laser-arc composite welding can realize all-position welding and effectively reduce various welding defects, as shown in figure 1. Figure 2 shows laser-mig arc welding of Volkswagen body