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Technology Dynamic

LDM150100 powder metal 3D printing equipment helps aerospace manufacturing technology to innovate to open up the future

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As a shining pearl in the crown of industry, the aerospace manufacturing field integrates all the high and sophisticated technologies of a country, and is the backup support field for the implementation of national strategic plan and the display of political situation. As a brand new manufacturing technology, metal 3D technology has prominent application advantages and obvious service benefits in the field of aerospace. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Shorten the r&d cycle of new aerospace equipment;

2. Improve the utilization rate of materials, save expensive strategic materials and reduce manufacturing costs;

3. Optimize part structure, reduce weight, reduce stress concentration and increase service life;

4. Repair and shape parts;

5. Cooperate with traditional manufacturing technology and complement each other.




LDM150100 coaxial powder metal 3D printing equipment developed by zhongke yuchen

Molding size: 1500mm x 1000mm x 1000mm

Mainly used in aerospace field of large parts additive manufacturing




LDM150100 USES high-power laser to melt metal powder and deposit layer by layer according to the preset track to finally form metal parts. For highly active metal materials, such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, the equipment adopts the overall sealing structure, and equipped with gas circulation purification system, strictly control the oxygen content of the processing room is less than 50ppm and water content is less than 50ppm, prevent material oxidation, ensure the chemical composition and mechanical properties. Adopt close CNC system to ensure the size and shape accuracy of metal parts. The layered process software adopts rc-cam independently developed by yuchen, which can realize automatic production.

Technical characteristics

(1) the material can be used in a wide range of applications, including printing of stainless steel, titanium, nickel, iron base alloy and other metal powders;

(2) can be used for laser cladding and laser printing and other processing processes, truly achieve a multi-purpose machine;

(3) high powder utilization rate can reduce the consumption of precious metal powder.

Parameter is introduced




Send powder




Powder feeder adopts the rc-pgf-d-2 double-bin negative pressure powder feeder independently developed by zhongke yuchen, and adopts the structure of carrier gas powder feeder, which can realize long-distance powder conveying. It is an auxiliary equipment for laser processing and can realize synchronous powder feeding of laser processing. It can meet the requirements of 3d laser cladding and laser rapid prototyping technology.

The print head




The printing head independently developed by zhongke yuchen is suitable for solid-state laser with different beam quality and fiber coupling.

Laser power: 500-6000w;

Processing Angle: 0-90 degrees;

Working distance: 14-16m;

Particle size: 50-150 microns microns;

Powder spot diameter: 3-5mm;

Width of single cladding: 3-6mm