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Warm congratulations to our customer nextev ES8 shock launch

作者:imuban 发布时间:2021-01-01点击:397


On December 16, the ES8, the first mass production intelligent electric vehicle of customer nextev, was officially launched. The ES8 is designed to be light and strong enough to be safe. But in the mass production SUV, the aluminum body technology is the most able to make these two advantages combined.

As a partner of nextev, zhongke yuchen also hopes to provide strong support for the automotive industry. In recent years, zhongke yuchen has been constantly trying to innovate in the field of new energy vehicles, and has successfully overcome the difficulties of laser welding of all-aluminum body and parts, copper alloy laser welding of motor rotor and so on:

As the first domestic provide fully aluminum body side surround laser welding equipment and motor rotor laser welding equipment suppliers, CST Yu Chen can provide new energy vehicles from the materials, innovative design, manufacturing process to the integrated manufacturing equipment such as the comprehensive system solutions, power industry innovation, promote the vigorous development of China's new energy vehicles.