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Take the basic level to break away from the constraints of key materials and technologies of 3D printing

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materials are higher. Without independent research and development of key materials, will be disciplined by others, many products will be in the material link 'neck'. Xing fei, chairman and general manager of nanjing zhongke yuchen laser technology co., ltd. threw out such views to reporters.

"No matter how good the equipment is, we still can't make good products without qualified materials." Xing fei told reporters, adhering to the concept of material first, the company was founded in 2013 at the beginning, with the Chinese academy of engineering and other 5 academicians team established the nanjing additive manufacturing powder laboratory, committed to the research and development of high-performance titanium alloy, high-temperature alloy and refractory metal powder materials and industrialization. After several years of unremitting efforts, the company independently developed more than 40 kinds of alloy powder materials, such as titanium base, nickel base, cobalt base, etc., which have been in the position of "running in parallel" with the international level and solved the "neck" problem of metal powder materials.

"In addition to taking the road of independent research and development in the source material, we also continue to develop and upgrade metal 3D printing equipment through technological innovation." Xing fei said that when the company was founded, it independently developed and produced the laser additive manufacturing equipment with the largest size of printed metal sample in the world, which brought the "Gospel" of mass production for the manufacturing of core parts in aerospace, new energy vehicles, steel and other industries. At the same time, the large-scale powder delivery metal 3D printing equipment developed by the company adopts core components with independent intellectual property rights (such as powder delivery device, process software, processing and so on), becoming the "leader" in the field of laser 3D printing in the world today.

Xing fei is full of confidence in the achievements made by zhongke yuchen in metal 3D printing. "At present, there is no target enterprise for metal 3D printing in the world," he told reporters. "our technology is leading in the world, and the whole production chain, including the production of basic equipment and model algorithm, is developed by the company itself."

"With this confidence, we have undertaken the 3D printing of key components of the landing gear of the C919, a large domestic aircraft." Xing told reporters that the C919 is a single-aisle trunk plane with a maximum take-off weight of nearly 80 tons. It is supported by three landing gear during takeoff and landing. The total weight of the three landing gear is about 1800 kg, which means that the aircraft with more than 40 times its own weight needs to be supported at high speed. Therefore, it can be seen that the quality requirements of the core parts are obvious. Relying on the key materials and core technology equipment, in ke yi Chen help to realize the dream of domestic large aircraft soaring.

"To do something for China's industrial transformation and upgrading, the improvement of national defense force, and the improvement of people's livelihood" is the initial intention of xing fei, a communist party member, to devote himself to the field of additive manufacturing. The post-80s maker, who graduated from shenyang institute of automation of the Chinese academy of sciences and majored in mechanical electronics with a doctor's degree, admitted to the reporter that it was based on such feelings that he left his well-paid job without hesitation and founded his current company. He told reporters that the healthy development of China's additive manufacturing industry is inseparable from the national financial investment. Since 2013, his company has received financial support from the ministry of industry and information technology, ministry of science and technology, national development and reform commission, ministry of finance and other relevant ministries and commissions. "In the past two years, with the introduction of the first (set) and the first batch of insurance compensation policies for sub-new materials, China's additive manufacturing field is expected to break away from the constraints of developed countries on key materials and technologies of 3D printing and realize independent innovation in China's manufacturing industry." Xing fei said firmly.