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3D printing is driving technological innovation and productivity improvement in aircraft model manufacturing

作者:imuban 发布时间:2021-01-01点击:445

Currently, 3D printing, as an important technology in the field of aerospace, is promoting the innovation of production technology and the improvement of production efficiency of aircraft model manufacturing. At the same time, 3D printing has also changed the supply chain of aerospace equipment to some extent.




The rise of 3D printing aerospace equipment has pushed the industry into the era of intelligent manufacturing

Nowadays, as a rapid prototyping technology, 3D printing has been gradually recognized by researchers all over the world for its application value. With the continuous maturity of technology, 3D printing has also begun to emerge in the aerospace field. It has become the consensus of the industry to use 3D printing in the production of aircraft models.

3D printing into aerospace equipment manufacturing technology support

As is known to all, the development of a country's aerospace industry will have a major impact on the country's social governance and industrial production. As a developing country, China has always given strong support to the development of aerospace industry. Entering a new era, China's aerospace construction is also facing new challenges. How to maximize the technological advantages of 3D printing and promote the improvement of manufacturing technology of aerospace equipment has become a problem that must be solved.

At present, China's aerospace industry is facing unprecedented pressure, especially aircraft manufacturing is facing higher performance requirements. In the past aircraft parts manufacturing process, the time consumption and material waste is relatively serious. At the same time, the structure of some parts of the aircraft is more complex, using traditional technology is often difficult to achieve the accuracy required in practice. Therefore, 3D printing has become an alternative way to manufacture aircraft parts.

In general, the application of 3D printing technology can break through the traditional production process and realize the improvement of aircraft parts manufacturing process. Designers can optimize the design of aircraft components, produce components with complex structures, shorten product delivery cycles, save production costs, simplify inventory management and reduce the need for long-distance transportation.

Based on the above advantages, some aircraft manufacturers at home and abroad are trying to use 3D printing for aircraft model making and other aspects. After the advent of 3D printing, designers can give full play to their creativity and transform their dream aircraft into real aircraft. By observing the aircraft model in an all-round and three-dimensional way, the designer can correct the unreasonable parts of the design in time, so as to effectively avoid unnecessary losses.

3D printing helps aerospace industry achieve a new leap forward

At present, 3D printing can be used for the production of complex aircraft and other key parts of the product, but also gradually extended human manufacturing activities to outer space. Generally speaking, the environment of outer space is quite different from that of earth. Outer space due to weightlessness and other factors, humans into space is like going camping, need to carry their own space exploration tools.

With the development and maturity of 3D printing technology, astronauts can bring 3D printers to the space station and print out the tools needed at any time, so as to promote the smooth progress of scientific exploration. Astronauts on the U.S. space station, for example, have used 3D printing to print out a socket wrench against a digital model file sent by a ground crew via email.

In addition, 3D printing has increasingly become an important technical support for aircraft manufacturers to achieve business transformation. At present, some aircraft manufacturers not only use 3D printing technology to make model aircraft and partial parts, but also try to start to make aircraft cabin parts, such as seat armrest, luggage rack lock, electronic flight bag bracket and so on.

After the application of 3D printing in the aerospace field, many changes have taken place in the supply chain of the whole aerospace equipment. From the selection of materials to the appearance of finished products, 3D printing has brought about many changes in the production process, production cycle and rendering effect of aircraft manufacturing. With the help of technical advantages, the production quality and efficiency of aircraft and other aerospace equipment will be further improved.

According to industry analysts, the use of 3D printing in aerospace faces two key challenges: first, the transition from low-strength polymer parts to high-strength metals, and then from small parts to large parts used in aircraft structures. In time, 3D printing will gradually solve the problems encountered in these aspects, and China's aerospace construction will also achieve new development results!