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What is 5-axis 5-linkage metal 3D printer? Supported by the ministry of science and technology of 29.5 million yuan, zhongke yu

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At the end of June 2016, Antarctic bear revealed that a number of 3D printing enterprises and units have received a total of about 200 million yuan of funding from the ministry of science and technology. Among them, zhongke yuchen from nanjing won 29.5 million yuan from the ministry of science and technology. This makes countless 3D printing enterprises salivate.

On June 29, 2016, xinhuanet reported: zhongke yuchen has made a breakthrough in the technology of five-axis and five-linkage 3d printer, and the successful development of five-axis and five-linkage large-scale metal 3d printer is another innovative breakthrough in the technology of zhongke yuchen, which further establishes its position in the field of powder delivery metal 3d printing. At the same time, with the large-scale promotion and application of the national additive manufacturing process to process parts, the technology will provide more efficient and intelligent additive manufacturing equipment for related industries.

As a national strategic emerging industry, xx industry has ushered in new development opportunities with the deepening of global economic development and international exchanges and cooperation. In particular, driven by policies, capital and technology, industrial development has entered a fast track and become a "new blue sea" of economic development. The emergence of "3D printing" technology has bid farewell to the high research and development and design costs, greatly saved the time from product development and molding to formal application, and is of great significance for accelerating the development of aerospace industry.

Recently, nanjing zhongke yuchen laser technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "zhongke yuchen") has made a breakthrough in the ldm60-5n technology and technology of self-developed large-scale powder delivery metal 3D printer. It has realized the five-axis and five-linkage printing technology for the first time to produce special parts with stronger strength than conventional 3D printing.

It is known that the motion axis of a five-axis and five-linkage 3D printer, that is, the motion axis of the 3D printing head is increased from three axes X/Y/Z to five axes, and the printing track is controlled by five-axis linkage. Different from the motion mode of traditional 3D printing equipment, five-axis and five-linkage printing is adopted to change the deposition method of each layer and increase the strength of components while realizing the component printing. The equipment is suitable for materials including: titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, nickel-based alloy, sealed box with argon gas protection, oxygen water content less than 20 parts per million, can be used for the research and development of high-performance alloy materials and large structural parts of direct molding, with the advantages of rapid molding speed, high precision, large size and so on.

At present, the printing equipment has successfully printed the hemispherical satellite fuel tank, the appearance, strength and performance have met customer requirements, becoming the first successful application of the five-axis large-scale powder feeding metal 3D printer.

Founded in 2013, nanjing zhongke yuchen is a national high-tech enterprise. The company since its establishment in the large and small and medium-sized metal laser material manufacturing equipment has a unique advantage, has made breakthrough progress, provides the high performance in aerospace field of high power laser metal material manufacturing equipment, equipped with core components with independent intellectual property rights (such as processing, powder, etc.), the results have been applied to the development of large aircraft and fighter aircraft, aircraft parts of titanium alloy as a whole the main bearing structure, overall semal aircraft engine, ultra-high strength steel aircraft landing gear, etc.), for the aerospace field, and other units to provide a set of more intelligent metal laser material manufacturing equipment, It has become the first supplier of serialized metal laser additive manufacturing equipment in China, with the first market share in China, filling the gap of high-power powder feeding laser additive manufacturing equipment in China.

Nanjing zhongke yuchen laser technology co., ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with the main business of additive manufacturing, laser cutting, laser welding, automation system, laser core device research and development and production. Its technology is in the leading position in China, widely used in aerospace, automotive, metallurgy, petrochemical, locomotive, ship, mining and other industries, and has successfully provided customers at home and abroad with a complete set of advanced manufacturing technology solutions and related supporting facilities. Based on independent innovation, the company is committed to building a complete industrial chain of laser and intelligent automation, with r&d center, application demonstration center, marketing center and processing and manufacturing base in northeast, north, east, northwest and southwest China respectively. Company has completed application for a patent for more than 70, with a number of advanced technology at home and abroad advanced manufacturing equipment, by the national development and reform commission as "national laser remanufacturing industrialization base", the state ministry of identified as "national industrialization of laser gain material manufacturing base", science and technology enterprises in jiangsu province, jiangsu province high and new technology enterprise and other honorary titles. Zhongke yuchen is striving to build "intelligent cloud manufacturing innovation center", with laser technology, additive manufacturing technology and other advanced manufacturing technology, to help traditional manufacturing industry transformation and upgrade!