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The second batch of national "ten thousand people plan" leading talent publicity, nanjing zhongke yuchen chairman xing fei was s

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On June 20, the office of the central talent coordination group released a notice, announcing the second batch of national "ten thousand talents plan" leading candidates. Xing fei, chairman of nanjing zhongke yuchen laser technology co., LTD., was selected as the "leading talent of scientific and technological entrepreneurship".

Xing fei founded nanjing zhongke yuchen laser technology co., ltd. in 2013, serving as chairman and general manager. Zhongke yuchen is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on additive manufacturing technology application, intelligent laser technology application, intelligent automation technology application and core device research and development. XingFei won a national ministry of science and technology innovation of science and technology in 2014, the entrepreneurial talent, "double gen plan" talent in jiangsu province, nanjing, May 1 labor medal, "six big peak" talents in jiangsu province, su business leader "outstanding entrepreneur in the transformation and innovation" nanjing, nanjing 321 key talents, science and technology entrepreneurs, optical excellent product selection of 2013 year China "entrepreneur of the year" and other honorary titles. Dr. Xing fei participated in the scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship competition in 2014, and achieved the first place in the country. He was recognized in the same industry in jiangsu province and even the whole country, laying a good foundation for the enterprise to build a famous brand and achieve brand effect. In 2015, the company was awarded jiangsu double-innovation talents (individual) and jiangsu double-innovation team leader talents.