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Minister of science and technology wan gang and his delegation inspected the 3D printing and welding equipment of keyuchen

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On the morning of August 2, 2016, vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee and minister of science and technology wan gang inspected nanjing zhongke yuchen laser technology co., LTD., accompanied by vice minister of science and technology xu nanping, vice governor of jiangsu province zhang jinghua, vice mayor of nanjing huang LAN and development zone leaders. Xing fei, general manager of zhongke yu Chen, received the reception, and introduced the establishment and business development of zhongke yu Chen, innovation and entrepreneurship within the company, patents, honors obtained in the development process of the company, 3D maker center, product realization center and so on to minister wan gang and his party in detail.




At the center of the product realization, to Mr. Wan XingFei Yu Chen of the division in line, in turn, introduces the current research and development production of laser cladding equipment, advanced metal composite 3 d printing equipment, advanced laser welding equipment, laser cutting workstation, feeding device, semiconductor laser devices and processing the first class, and mainly introduced the zhongke Yu Chen independent research and development and has reached the international leading level of the feeding type metal 3 d printing devices and contribution in the field of aerospace, Mr. Wan before printing devices, listen carefully, and the 3 d equipment and printing sample to watch over and over again, understand the technical characteristics of the equipment, application fields and market application, Detailed enquiries were made regarding the application of the device. XingFei introduced zhongke Yu Chen again after another focus on advanced equipment, the current domestic leading longmen compound welding equipment, mainly used in aluminum alloy, aluminum and magnesium alloys and aluminium lithium alloy such as laser welding, hear has been applied in aerospace and new energy vehicles, Mr. Wan to CST Yu Chen of the technical transformation results showed a keen interest in, do not ask equipment technology, when assembling.




After the visit of the company, minister wan gang made a summary and important instructions on the current situation and future development of the company. Minister wan gang gave full recognition to the development status of zhongke yuchen, and said that the enterprise's independent brand innovation awareness is worth learning, the ministry of science and technology will give full support to the vigorous development of innovative enterprises. At the same time, we also hope that enterprises can further improve their products, technologies and services, and make enterprises better, better, bigger and stronger. Minister wan gang recognized and encouraged the vitality and innovation of the young entrepreneurial teams born in the 1980s.




In recent years, the state has encouraged innovation, increased attention to major scientific research projects and investment in research and development, so that enterprises can truly become the main body of innovation. The ministry of science and technology led the inspection team, not only on behalf of the country's concern and attention to innovative enterprises, but also on the enterprise independent innovation, brave climb the industry peak of the great encouragement, in promoting enterprise innovation and research and development momentum has a great positive role in promoting. Zhongke yuchen will also give full play to its innovative advantages and technological advantages, apply the achievements of scientific and technological transformation to the upgrading of industrial enterprises, and make its own contribution to the construction of a world scientific and technological power and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!