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Equipment name: multifunctional optical fiber laser processing system

Equipment model: RC (Yuchen) - YLS (fiber laser system) - 6000 (power)





The 6000W fiber laser from IPG company of Germany is used as the light source, and the laser is equipped with a built-in four light gate system; the optical fiber is used as the external optical path transmission system, with three 20m optical fibers output, one 200 μ M optical fiber core diameter and two 1000 μ M optical fiber core diameter. One 200 μ M optical fiber is connected to the laser welding joint through KUKA 30ha high precision robot for laser welding platform, one 1000 μ M optical fiber is connected to yc52 laser cladding head through KUKA 30ha high precision robot for laser cladding platform, and one 1000 μ M optical fiber is connected to yc52 laser cladding head for laser 3D printer. At the same time, the system is also equipped with control system, purification and dust removal system and powder feeding system. The whole system can realize the functions of laser welding, laser 3D printing, laser cladding, laser alloying and laser quenching.


大连某大学设备系统 大连某大学设备系统 大连某大学设备系统





(1) Introduction of laser welding function

The six axis linkage robot and two axis positioner can realize a variety of laser welding joint forms such as butt joint, corner joint, T joint, lap joint and unequal thickness welding, and a variety of laser welding paths such as straight line, curve, arc and complex three-dimensional space surface. Welding depth: single pass penetration of carbon steel and stainless steel can reach 8 mm. Laser arc hybrid welding of carbon steel with single pass penetration of 10 mm can realize one-sided welding and two-sided forming of 10-16 mm thick carbon steel, and four pass welding of 45 mm thick dissimilar metal (low alloy high strength steel + wear resistant steel) can be realized. Laser cutting carbon steel 25 mm, stainless steel 16 mm, aluminum alloy 7 mm.


(2) Introduction of laser cladding, alloying and quenching functions

The equipment can realize the surface cladding and alloying of 400kg rotary parts at most, the parts are not easy to deform and the heat affected area is small.
At the same time, the equipment uses laser to heat the material surface above the transformation point. With the cooling of the material itself, austenite transforms into martensite, so as to realize the laser quenching function.


(3) Function introduction of laser 3D printer

This system uses fiber laser as light source, fiber transmission as external light path transmission system, powder feeding system provides metal powder for laser processing, three-axis CNC machine tool is installed in the sealed inert atmosphere processing room, precision ball screw drive is adopted to ensure the processing accuracy, laser processing cladding head is installed on the z-direction moving axis, and argon gas is filled to eliminate the defects in the sealed processing room Then, the oxygen and water in the inert atmosphere processing room are removed by the purification system, so that the whole laser processing process is in the inert atmosphere working environment, reducing oxidation and ensuring the processing quality. In addition, in order to ensure the stability and reliability of the system for a long time, an independent four-way powder feeding nozzle cooling and purification system for the cladding head was specially designed. At the same time, the interface is reserved for the later function development of the system.


大连某大学设备系统 大连某大学设备系统 大连某大学设备系统